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Yahoo Mail is the most widely used webmail client that allows you to connect with people via emails more efficiently. Aside from the email sending/receiving features, it comes with various handy features to help users in retrieving, archiving and managing their messages. Whether you use Yahoo Mail Classic or All-New Yahoo Mail, the steps to recover sent messages are quietly same. In the state of any doubts, you can ask solutions by dialing the Yahoo customer service phone number. Otherwise, you can proceed to the below steps to restore the emails to your Sent folder.

Step 1 – Ensure your Yahoo email account is configured to the ‘Save Sent Mail’ feature. It can be done by accessing the ‘Main Options’ menu on the upper right corner tab of the email window. Choose the ‘General’ setting tab. Search for the check mark placed next to the ‘when sending messages: Save a copy of the message in the Sent folder’ line. When you have checked this setting, there are many ways you can try to restore the transmitted message. If it’s not chosen, you will not be able to recover any email.

Step 2 – Check the Sent folder. It is placed on the left side folder menu under the Drafts and Inbox folders. It will be available in sequential order via the latest date. If you are unsure about the correct date of the messages you’re searching for, then no worry. Yahoo comes with an innovative email search utility that lets you search via the sender, date, recipient, text, subject, and attachment and folder position to help you find hard-to-find messages.

Step 3 – Search in the Trash folder. Removed files, along with sent messages, are moved here until the new one takes place.  If you remove the Trash folder, the files are deleted permanently. More so, Yahoo will delete files automatically from the trash folder once it surpasses its storage ability.

Step 4 – Find a Mail Restore Help Form. In Yahoo Help section, in the ‘Contact Us’ section; you will discover the Mailbox Restore Help Form. It helps you restore emails that have been removed within the preceding 24 hours. If you exceed that time, your messages aren’t recovered. Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean the emails should be 24 hours old or less, but that they’re removed during that term. Choose the correct edition relying on whether or not use Yahoo Classic Mail or All-New Yahoo Mail.

However, if you have exceeded the time frame in which you can restore your emails, or you’re not able to recover emails using these steps, it’s highly suggested to call the Yahoo customer care number and speak with professionals to know the step-by-step directions for the Yahoo email recovery process.

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