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Apple aims to release the most awaited iPhone 7 in September 2016. The previous version 6s and 6s Plus were launched on 9th September 2015. Hopefully, the date will stay locked and the iPhone 7 Pro will very soon arrive as a big surprise. Before Apple revealed about the new launch, the internet went crazy with rumors about the iPhone 7. Browse below for brief info:iphone7

Exterior design: The iPhone 7 comes with a more thinner exterior with replacement of the headphone jack. It forces the music fans to use the wireless Bluetooth headphones or connect via the lightning port. The leaked photos on the internet are evidence of the new extra sleek body of iPhone series with a wireless sound program.

Battery Life: Apart from innovative features, the iPhone is well known for high battery life. Apple considers a long power backup for significant use of the Apple’s large screen and display content in rich quality.

High screen resolution: Apple is focused to beat the competitors on the basis of screen resolution. It wants to break all the myths connected with the HD quality in iPhone 7. It claims to include 401 pixels per inch in comparison to 326ppi for the non-plus iPhones, the next generation models with a harder screen material for maximum sensor quality and physical protection.

Extra data storage space: Nowdays, we need enough storage space to store a long list of favorite iPhone apps downloaded from the Apple Store. Plus, the music collection, image gallery and video library need hell a lot of space. Finally, Apple’s iPhone 7 intends to launch the phone with 3 categories as 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.

iPhone 7 Pro: Apple has always delivered an extra touch of creative technology in its products. The iPhone 7 Pro includes dual camera system developed by LinX. Now again, the rumor comes from the internet, search for the leaked iPhone 7 images on Google.

Some rumors even state that Apple is not going to launch official 7th version, the new release will just be an upgraded version of the iPhone 6s Pro with redefined features. The future is locked yet, so stay tuned and focused for the great launch of iPhone 7 or wait for Apple to announce it as a surprise. Lastly, news sources, even report for the launch of new Macbook Pro. For details about Apple Macbook pro, search the direct Apple support phone number in Contactforservice directory. Talk to the experts for the latest news and solutions related to Apple products.