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Well, with millions of users switched to Facebook Messenger to chit-chat with friends and families in a comparatively less complicated messaging application as compared to the Facebook itself, it seems that Facebook Messenger is a huge success now. But, if you look keenly upon it, most of us use the application only for messaging or chatting. However, there are plethoras of other hidden features and tricks that will help you to take out the best out of Facebook Messenger. Though you can get to know all about those hidden tricks and features by calling up Facebook customer service live chat. we have also tried to enlist a few significant of them. Take a look:

Different users can login into messenger by Android gadget

In Messenger’s settings on Android, the option for “Account” is available that gives you a chance to include numerous records in one application — which is perfect on the off chance that you need to impart your telephone to another person. Every individual’s record remains private (just new notification have appeared) until the proprietor signs in with his or her password.

Web application for the desktop 

Did you realize that Messenger has a web application for the desktop? Simply sign into It’s a great deal with less complex and cleaner interface than Facebook’s site. Also, there are no advertisements!

Make Voice and Video Calls

To call somebody who has the Messenger application introduced on their telephone, tap the video or telephone symbol in the upper right of the message window by their name. There’s additionally a devoted “Calls” area of the application.

Call Uber

You can get rid of your Uber application, and call an Uber cab directly through Messenger. From inside a conversion part, select the option that prompts “More” symbol, and demonstrated by three little dots, followed by tapping the option for “Transportation.” You can sign in and ask for an Uber from that point. Like the Uber application, you’ll get overhauls on your driver’s status, tell companions to track the ride and pay for it.

Impart photographs immediately to facial acknowledgment

Delivery person’s Photo Magic element utilizes facial acknowledgment to make it simpler to send photographs to your companions. At the point when the component is on, the application will advise you to share photographs when it identifies another photo with a companion in your camera roll. To empower it, tap the settings symbol on the base right, select Photos and Media and afterward Photo Magic, and switch the flip on.

Request Money in Messenger

Facebook gives you a chance to exchange cash from your financial balance to anybody on Messenger. It’s anything but difficult to set up:

  • Tap the little $ button at the base of a conversation.
  • Enter the sum you need to send or get.
  • Include your Visa or MasterCard check card.

Every exchange can take up to a couple of business days to send, which depends on your bank, yet Facebook doesn’t charge any expense for giving the service.

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