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Epson, the largest manufacturer of printers, is once again setting the benchmark for proficient imaging experience by introducing the new 17-Inch Epson SureColor P5000. Like the other printers, the P5000 takes the cut-sheet paper more than 17×22 inches or the 17-inch roll media, can take sheet media both front in and out, which makes it more versatile. It also brings color-critical printing to a machine with a form-factor that lets it fit in a small studio or home, providing lab-quality prints within the extent of those who lack the budget or space for large printers.

More so, the new UltraChrome HDX set includes 10 colors that contain 4 blacks, matter, and photo, light and nimble, along with the once-exotic green and orange pigments and light and regular versions of its vivid magenta and cyan inks. In the case of any concerns regarding this printer model, just get in touch with the Epson customer service specialists to get them resolved.

Though this inkjet printer has been around one or two years already, still the P5000 release marks the first time that the variety of pigments will be available for that printer size, having earlier been transferred to 24 and 44-inch models.  Photo and gray, black methods for the inks have been reformulated, with Epson demanding a 150% improve to black densities and broader contrast ratios.

Epson also retooled their cyan and magenta inks to enhance their ability to fascinate by inkjet media.  This new printer also comes intended with the PrecisionCore TFP print head, which is a part of the machine that’s liable for placing down the ink, in fact.  This small module includes a 1-micron thin crystal film that bends while an electric current is applied to it, performing as a force.

Furthermore, the new printhead dual the activating crystal film power and a latest micro-scale ink flow track function permit for better miniaturization. Other enhancements, such as better statistics control and dust build-up in the printer, are intended to cut down on clogged nozzles, which must save time and clean out inefficient cleaning cycles. Also, you can approach experts at an Epson support phone number to get immediate assistance to clean clogged nozzles.

Added Epson SureColor P5000 Features:

  • Excellent Print Durability – It provides next-generation pigment ink technology for more than double overall print durability than earlier generation.
  • Remarkable Detail – Its PrecisionCore TFP print head offers fast print speeds with 360 nozzles per color frequency, along with ink droplets of variable size and 3.5 picoliters.
  • Epson Precision Dot Screening Algorithm – It can control the size and mixture of ink droplets accurately for beautiful prints.
  • Borderless Printing –The printer comes with 4our-sided Border Free printing, such as 8”, 10”, 11”, 13”, 14”, 16”, 16.5”, and 17.”
  • Optional SpectroProofer UVS – Intended jointly with X-Rite, which is the in-line spectrophotometer offers automated verification and color management related tasks for a variety of proofing requests.

LCD Control Panel – Its 2.7-inch LCD panel lets you setup, control, and maintain your printer easily