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It is quite common with frequent users of email service providers to send emails mistakenly and then lament over it. And, in most cases, we regret the fact we don’t have any alternative option so that we can un-send those sent emails. Moreover, these unwanted sent emails create a lot of confusion, followed by landing you in an awkward situation. But, to overcome this problem, Gmail has recently decided to unveil a new app that features an option to un-send sent emails within a given time-span.

Also, to help users easily get started with this recently-launched feature, the customer service department has also opened telephone lines for resolving their queries. So, you easily call at Gmail Support Number to know more about this feature. However, in the meantime, we have also tried to enlist a few significant facts and details about this un-sending sent mail app by Gmail. You can take a quick look.

What the application is all about?

The latest variation of the application joins a segment that licenses you to “un-send” a message/mail. Soon after you have sent a mail, a text will give the idea that will ask in the matter of whether you need to make a move back or you need to keep sending the emails. The message appears for only a couple of minutes, so you have to act rapidly. In any case, it allows you to check twofold whatever you’ve sent.

That is not by any methods the main change for the application. Message document will be best in class and streamlined. Likewise, clients will get the advantage to navigate or search through it quickly. One of the best changes is that the application can now make the client guide through references and significant suppositions on what you’re looking for. Additionally, it checks and aides in remedying the spelling issues that you have made while composing the emails or even while you have typed something wrong while searching.

Clearly, the disadvantage is that these progressions will simply benefit the people who use the Gmail application on their iPhone or iPad. On the off chance that you’re using one of these contraptions, you ought to verify that you’ve upgraded to iOS 10 to see the improved components.

How to get started with the un-send feature on Gmail?

  1. Before you get started with the process, the clients should login to their Gmail account normally
  1. Once you have signed in, ensure that you have tapped on the settings (the settings icon is like a gear symbol,) which you can discover at the upper-right hand corner of the inbox screen
  1. Now, you need to tap on the settings choices starting from the drop menu
  1. After you have tapped on the settings, it is now time for you to discover the option for “Undo- Send,” which you can avail from the general tab section.
  1. To enable the option, you need to tick right inside the box that is available on the left-hand side of the given choice.
  1. As soon as you tap on the choice, you will be in a split second requested that pick the time period between which you can un-send the sent emails/messages. What’s more, the time period fluctuates from 5 to 30 seconds.

Thus, once you have tapped on it, you can be guaranteed of the way that you can now appreciate un-sending of the sends up to 30 seconds. Be that as it may, if you confront any trouble while utilizing it, you have to ensure that you have taken professionals recommendation. All you need to do to seek their guidance is to Contact Gmail Phone Number. Moreover, you have been offered with an option to get this number from the website of an online directory – Contactforservice. Just in case, if you don’t know what this site is all about, it is a famous online catalog that showcases dependable numbers of customer services that are specifically located in New York, California Texas and other parts of the USA and Canada.