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Facebook rolled out a new update about GIF profile image after inspiring from the magical paintings in the Harry Potter series. Currently, only the iPhone users have the authorization to change the profile pic into Gif. As soon the update came out, the millions of users started using it for enjoying a new attractive display. The new redesign of the profile page lays a greater emphasis on pictures with the ability to design short bio. Even the Facebook help phone number informed the users about the new feature. However, the users can use the unique feature to replace the traditional profile picture with 7 second looping videos. Finally, FB users can enjoy the pleasure of using the animated GIF as a profile picture. It was Aigerim Shorman, a Facebook product manager who disclosed the fact that the engineers hacked their own Facebook profile to change picture into video. The attempt went successful and the team rolled it out as a new feature. Currently, only the iPhone users have the power to change the profile pic as GIF.

Steps to change profile picture into Gif (Only for iPhone users)

Step 1: Tap on the profile picture, just like you do every time to change the DP

Step 2: You will see an option, record.

Step 3: Click record to set a 7 second looping video as profile gif.

Step 4: You can even choose an existing video from the iPhone library to set as motion image.

Step 5: Click Post to update and you are ready to express yourself as gif

When the new display image is loaded successfully, then the DP will appear in the middle of the main page. It not only look attractive, but gives an eye catchy look to the profile. Now, you can seek everybody’s attention with an amazing profile picture. The new feature idea was inspired from the Harry Potter movie paintings, the thought of moving profile pictures has brought revolution in the social media world.  If you are looking to contact Facebook by phone and find assistance to change the DP into motion image, then go ahead. It’s assured you will get the friendly support. The only irritating fact about the feature is that you can’t use it on your Android device. Yes, just the iPhone owners have the power, but in the near future the Android users too can use the moving profile pic feature. Dial the Facebook customer service number listed here, to seek assistance from the live experts.