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Security is the primary concern when it comes to sending/receive important emails without any troubleshoot. A secure password secures the account, but an evil hacker can easily crack to access your account for illegal online work. Even you may lose any confidential data saved in the email messages such as bank account details and authorization to access several social networking sites. Fortunately, Gmail offers 2 step verification feature that secures the account by including a security code verification step before signing-in to email account. For amateur users, the Gmail Customer Service provides 24hrs available email account security configuration service. With the 2-step mode, there’s no chance of account hacking, as only you have the authority to log-in using a unique security code.

Two step verification is an exclusive security feature in Gmail that secures the account using a secured pass code. The code is texted to the registered phone number, which only you receive as SMS from Google server. Even if someone knows your password, still he/she can’t log-in to your account. The security pass code plays a vital role in the email account sign-in process. Here’s the method to enable the two step verification for maximum account security. You can follow the same steps to disable the feature if required.

How to enable 2-step verification in Gmail?

Step 1: Click the picture icon on the top right of your Gmail account. Now, click My Account.

Step 2: Tap Sign-in and Security

Step 3: Click Security Check-Up

Step 4: Check which devices and mobile apps have access to your account. Now remove any suspected app that you feel is unsafe

Step 5: Move one step back and check Sign-in & Security, next scroll down to Passwords and Sign-in methods

Step 6: Enable 2-step verification

Step 7: The page will redirect you to the advantages related to the 2-step verification

Step 8: Enter your phone number to receive the security code

The registered phone number plays a major role in securing the account. When you enable the 2 step verification mode, then you will get a security code on your phone as you try sign-in using the strong password. If you are unable to sign-in using the 2-step verification, then immediately take the decision to contact the expert at Gmail customer support. To prevent your account from hacking and suspension, dial the Gmail support number to seek account security, password recovery, hacked/blocked account recovery and typical email configuration service. Find the genuine Gmail customer service number here in the Contactforservice directory.