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MS Outlook is an integral part of our professional lives as it let us communicate through emails with our clients, colleagues, boss or employees. It is used in most of the offices, especially because it let us manage the tasks by hassle-freely interactions via emails. However, one thing that keeps on bugging the users is the send/receive error in Outlook. Believe it or not, most of the times, when user wants to send any email and there is an incoming email in the queue, the user often have to face the send/receive error. In such a situation, one needs to follow a few hacks to get rid of the problem. But, if you notice that your issue is not getting resolved even after the hacks, you may contact the experts at the Outlook Support Number. But before you contact them, make sure that you have followed the tips that are mentioned below:

Check the Internet

You need to check if your internet is working fine or not. You can check it by opening any web page. And, if the web page gets opened at the normal speed, then the internet is okay and the issue is something else. So, you can move on to the next step.

Delete the suspected emails

We all are aware of the fact that the filtering option is quite strong in Outlook. But, at times, the virus attacks our account through spam emails. So, it would be a good idea if you can get rid of all the suspected emails by deleting it.

You have the option to use an anti virus program for deleting the suspected files or emails.

Repair or Re-Install Outlook

You need to repair the MS Outlook, in case, the MS Outlook is corrupt. So, all you need to do is to re-install the software. And, as an alternate way you can repair it as well. However, the option to repair Outlook is only available in 2013 and 2010 versions.

Use the Safe Mode

The next thing that you may try is to start the Outlook in the safe mode as it will help you in getting over the send/ receive error. To start the Outlook in the safe mode, you need to hold the control button, and then you have to press the shortcut of the program. Once you click “Yes” to confirm, the Outlook will get opened in the safe mode, and for the time being, your issue with it will get resolved.

Delete Messages that are stuck in Outlook

Also, you need to delete all the messages that are stuck in your website. Once you have deleted the message from the outlook, there is a possibility you will get over the problem of the send/ receive error. Also, at the time of deleting the Outbox messages, you might notice that there is an error due to which you are not able to delete the message. So, in that case, you can start to “Work Offline,” and then delete them.

If you want more tips, tricks and hacks related to Outlook, you may contact the professionals now. Just dial the Outlook Tech Support Phone Number. If you want to know the number for this, get it from an online directory – Contactfoservice. To be honest, it is a reputed online directory that provides the authentic customer support and service numbers of the Canada and USA-based companies.