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The AVG antivirus may prevent you from downloading files if the program has any kinds of malware infection. This tool is available as the free edition and a part of the premium Internet security suite that provides improved security. It’s doing its responsibility if it stops you download malware-infected files; however, it may block all files erroneously specifically when there’s an issue with the AVG installation. If you get blocked by the AVG from downloading the program, then you can solve the problems by considering the guide given below. You can also contact the experts at the AVG technical support phone number to get the exact troubleshooting process to eradicate such situations.

Malware-Infected Files

If AVG is rejecting and blocking a file you’re trying to download as infected, never forget that the file can actually be infected with malware. When AVG diagnose a virus-infected file during downloading, it will avoid the file to download on your PC. If you think that it’s mistakenly blocking a file, then try to download other files from the same site, and other sites, to find out the particular cause of blocking. If other downloads work efficiently, then the file may be infected. If it’s, then upgrade your AVG antivirus and run a complete system scan.

Previous Edition Conflicts

AVG has recognized the problem with the anti-virus program stopping the file downloads over the Internet because of a version update. While befalling such issues, the anti-virus program will show an error message ‘Download Failed – Virus Detected’ for all downloads, means that the problem is mainly caused due to the earlier AVG version still existing on the PC and conflicting with the upgraded edition. So, remove the old versions completely from your PC to fix the issue.

Uninstall Outdated Versions

AVG doesn’t have any tool to remove the older versions automatically after or before the installation and update process, however, you can delete the files manually. To remove the old versions, access the Desktop icon, open the ‘File Explorer,’ and then choose the ‘C:’ drive and launch the ‘Program Files’ folder. If there’s no folder, launch the Program Files folder. Remove all folders with the ‘AVG’ prefix, excepting the highest-numbered edition. Restart your PC to restore the exact functionality of your program.

File Exclusions and Disable Temporary

If you are sure that the file you attempt to download is not virus-infected, then try adding the file type to the File Exclusions list or disable AVG temporarily to prevent the download blockage issues. If you want to add a file omission, open program configurations, click the ‘Expert Settings’ under the ‘Computer Protection’ & the ‘Antivirus,’ eliminate the file extension from the list and then click the ‘Apply’ button. You can turn off AVG by right-clicking the AVG icon and choosing the ‘Temporarily disable AVG protection’ option.

Other Considerations

If everything else fails, and you’re still not able to download program file from the Internet, one and last method you can try is call at the AVG antivirus tech support number and address your queries to the tech so that they can assist you to fix several problems related to your antivirus software.