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Thunderbird is awell-known email client with the best of features and updates for the users. Mozilla Thunderbird is known for its full-featured approach and splendid functionality that includes RSS feed reader as well. It is able to handle mails competentlywith style; with that filtering junk mail is another great feature to go.Users would be delighted to know that it has brought some eye-catching features through the new Mozilla Thunderbird 45 update as well. The users can easily Contact Thunderbird support number in case they find any issue in understanding the update or the features.


Mozilla Thunderbird 45 is a secure and easy-to-use update and is quite advantageousfordisplaying related information suggesting labels or folders. Here in the blog, we will get to know more about the update through its features and complete information: –

  • The new update offers a streamlined interface to a robust email package. It is more of a secured email client and knocks out those junk emails.
  • It assists you to organize and find the good mail. Powerful Filters, free-form tags and flexible views make it easier for you to handle big amounts of mails.
  • There are some new tools present to make it convenient for you to manage increasing inbox archival and in return makes it possible to eradicate messages from the inbox while holding for future use.
  • With that the advanced search facility takes the initiative to track down messages using a keyboard filtering and amazing timeline system.
  • Thunderbird also supports add-ons that can be used to modify and extend the features of the program. All the tiny details about this new feature add to the joy for the Thunderbird user.
  • With the advanced Security, phishing protection, and automatic updating, which are difficult to catchon any other email client, has made Thunderbird 45 an ideal program for everyone to try.


  • Mozilla Thunderbird 45 lets you achieve multiple POP & IMAP emails accounts and also reads RSS feeds
  • A smart junk mail filter dismisses spam in Mozilla Thunderbird, which can successfully identify scam messages too.
  • Free-form messages and flexible filters are able to organize and arrange ‘good mail’ easily.
  • It can find messages swiftly and lets you filter results conveniently by date, contact and much more.
  • The ‘Searches’ can be saved to virtual folders that can instantly combine applicable mail.
  • It delivers rich HTML formatting by taking the computer’s security and the privacy in mind.
  • The version is available with the OpenPGP plug-in
  • Mozilla Thunderbird can instantly upload the direct attachments to a file sending service and keep the emails small.
  • An amazing built-in chat and instant messaging lets you connect with and exchanging messages through Facebook Chat, Yahoo! Messenger, IRC & Twitter.
  • You can run the version from a removable medium like a USB stick
  • Thunderbird 45 supports Windows- XP/Vista/2003 and Linux.


  • Filters, Quick Search and Tags, let you manage mails
  • Bayesian Filtering lets you get rid of junk mail and detects scams as well
  • It is able to read RSS Feeds & does not reveal related messages, documents, posts and sites.


  • It does not show related messages, documents, and posts
  • The RSS Feeder could be integrated better and deliver extra power
  • It could be more helpful by suggesting tags or reply text.

Final Word

The new version is easy-to-use and perfect to handle all the complexities that arise within the working. It is protected and makesyour tasksa lot easier than before. It will surely make everything seems convenient and interesting with the exciting new features.

So, here we go with the finest of features introduced by the email client to make your day-to-day chores a bit easier. If you want detailed information about the same, you can ring at Thunderbird tech support number simply. With that, if you want direct support, you can end up the search with the online directory like Contactforservice that provides you with the genuine customer care numbers of the looked-for brands