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You can get your biggest refund with no appointment or tax knowledge preferred with TurboTax. It makes sure your taxes are done smarter. It assists you to file your taxes properly while getting the largest tax refund you can legally acquire. TurboTax has always been the guide in helping the users to get the best advice in relation to any financial decision they want to take. We have seen millions of Americans fell victim to identity theft some years ago. When it comes to taxes, the identity theft aims refunds from fraudulent tax returns filed with personal information. You might remain unaware of such activity until you file & find another return has already been processed. Today, we will see some of the TurboTax tips in helping us to cope up with the Identity Theft in an effective manner. You can even call the experts at the number for TurboTax to find some amazing tips and suggestions.

How can you say your tax account is affected?

Normally, most of the victims are unaware that heir info has been stolen, so, the case of Income Tax fraud, your first warning of trouble might be a notice of irregularity from the Internal Revenue Service. Such Irregularities could comprise:-

  • More than one return has been filed against you.
  • Your account displays a balance due, refund offset or collections action for a year you were not required to file a return.
  • IRS records specify income from an employer you have never worked for.
  • Information filed with the IRS shows more income than you actually received, or
  • You had state or federal welfares canceled or reduced due to an income change report that you did not make.

Shielding your tax file if identity theft is assumed

When you get a notice from the IRS concerning activity about which you are unaware just respond as soon as possible. Then, fill out form- 14039, the identity theft affidavit, which notifies the IRS of the experience with identity theft. Support the identity theft affidavit with flawless photocopies of one or more of the following personal identification documents:-

  • Social Security card
  • Any other legal U.S. federal or state-issued ID
  • Driver’s license, or
  • Passport

You can similarly contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Division by phone if you have reason to suspect you may be susceptible to an identity attack.

Other steps to take when identity theft happens

Your social security number is normally the main key piece of info used by thieves, so alerting other agencies of the theft of your SSN might limit the exposure to fraudulent action using your info.’

  • Always be cautious about sharing any personal info or Social Security Number. Treat it as private and confidential information. Do not give a business your SSN until there is a legitimate purpose to.
  • Do not frequently carry Social Security card or other docs that comprise it in your wallet or purse; protect these documents in your home.
  • Check your credit report occasionally to scan for irregular activity, guard PCs and other individual electronics with firewalls and safety updates, and change passwords frequently.
  • Do not give SSN or other personal info out over the phone, unless you initiate or expect the call from a trustworthy business or contact.

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