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Canon printers are used with a confidence of quality and reliability; high-quality print-outs and amazing services, together define the brand in a more precise manner. You can fetch its unmatchable services anytime whenever you get into any sort of trouble by dialing Canon printer customer service number as they are always present for quick replies to your queries.

Here in this blog we will go through the ways to make the experience more productive by using the correct measures:

  1. Print in Draft Quality

More often when you print an option that is other than a photo, it truly should not be printed at astounding quality. In any case, most printers are consequently set up to print at fine quality. There is a slight diminishment in the DPI of records imprinted in draft quality; however, as a rule this is not noticeable to the untrained eye. The content or illustrations will show up as to greater extent dull dim shading when imprinting in high contrast or have less focused shading. This will lessen the printing time and diminish the measure of ink being set on the page with an inkjet printer.

  1. Try not to Use Wireless technology

If you have your printer linked specifically to your PC, it will print speedier than if it is associated through a system. A wired connection is by nature speedier than a wireless connection. In this manner, at whatever point conceivable, only utilize a wired one or an immediate connection with your PC rather than a wireless connection.

The speediest kind of connection found is the USB. In the event that it is feasible for you to specifically link your printer to your PC with a USB link, you will spare a lot of time with your printing.

  1. Keep Printed Documents

If in case you have a Windows based PC, there is something accessible in the print spooler that will accelerate the printing of records that you print more than once. This is known as the ‘Keep Printed Documents’ alternative and it requires little regarding system assets. The setting is situated in the printer’s properties, which can be found in the printer control panel. Right-tapping on your printer will give you a menu where you can choose the most advanced properties.

  1. Change the Document Settings

Some outsider software applications give users the choice to change the DPI settings for accounts. You could do this once and not need to stress over it any more. Clearly this will lessen the printing time in light of the fact that the lower the print quality, the lesser time it takes the printer to fetch the ink on to the page. The burden to utilize software programs like this is the cost. Contingent upon your necessities and the volume of your printing, it might possibly bode well to make this kind of investment.

If the above ways are not clear or you need another alternative, you can directly reach the experts by dialing the genuine Canon Printer Support Number and deal with the best!